Mosaic supports families at Orange City Elementary through food and clothing donations! Our Judy is to the right.

Beginning July 15th, Sunday morning services at Mosaic will begin at 11:00 AM

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Welcome to Mosaic Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Deltona, Florida, where we strive to transform lives through compassion, service, generosity, and respectful relationships. We are proud to be an independent voice for progressive religious thought in Central Florida, yet we frequently partner with conservative religious groups to pursue our shared goals in social justice issues. We are also a welcoming congregation. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of who you love, what you believe, what faith traditions have marked your personal spiritual pathways, and how you perceive your place in the universe.

Social justice is very important at Mosaic. Here Tracy and Cary are protesting the pipeline.

Each Unitarian Universalist congregation, and there are more than one thousand such groups around the world, is independent, and we use that independence to support our spiritual values. Mosaic, like other Unitarian Universalist groups, has no creed members are required to embrace in order to belong. However, we do have seven principles that we hold dear, and these principles guide our behaviors both as individuals and as a congregation. To review those principles, click here.

Cary is demonstrating at the “Marching for Our Lives” protest in Daytona Beach.