June 24, 2018
Service Begins at 10:00 AM

TITLE:   “Pathway to Mosaic:   Part II”
WORSHIP LEADER:   Judy Raymond

From time to time, we are very pleased to offer our Pathway to Mosaic program to aspiring new members of our congregation. We were able to offer Part I of this program earlier this year, and on June 24th, we will be offering Part II of the program. Although Pathway to Mosaic is presented as the membership course, everyone is invited, including those who have never been here before, whether you are interested in membership or not because the program is an excellent introduction to some of the most fundamental concepts of liberal or progressive theology. During the service, we will be exploring these questions and more:

Why bother with a spiritual community anyway?

What path am I on and why do I follow it?  What’s it do for me?

What’s Mosaic been doing for me during the time I’ve attended? 

Have I learned anything about myself during my association with Mosaic or UU in general?

How have I changed due to my being a Mosaic member/ UU?

What talents of mine might be of benefit to Mosaic? 

How much time can I spend on church activities?

How accepting of the idea of “pledging” am I, since pledging is a requirement for membership?  Remember: no one will know what dollars/cents you are willing to part with except for the Treasurer (and the President of the Board, if necessary), AND, if you’ve pledged more than you can honor, a talk with the Treasurer and President can help you come up with an amount that is more realistic.

What kinds of activities would I like to see more of at Mosaic?  (Coverdishes, covenant groups, church picnics at the nearby parks, movie outings, etc.)

If you had a chance to tell someone about Mosiac or Unitarian Universalism while riding an elevator with that person, for about 2-3 minutes, what would you say to that person?  We call this “the elevator speech.”  All of us in Mosaic have been asked to consider writing one.  This is a good time to revise, revisit, or write for the first time an elevator speech.

Our service begins at 10:00 AM. All are welcome. Come early for coffee, snacks and lively conversation with Judy and Tony.