February 3rd 2019

SPEAKER: Bill and Eli Perras
WORSHIP LEADER: Mary Glass and Rorrie
TOPIC: “Empowering Yourself”
DESCRIPTION:  Mosaic welcomes once again our two favorite musical entertainers, Bill and Eli Perras. In honor of the new year and in recognition of the possibilities inherent in new beginnings, Bill and Eli will be presenting their musical program : “Empowering Yourself.” Empowering Yourself is giving yourself permission to become enabled, while investing real credited hours of quality time in anything you care about with such passion, and that you are willing to see it fulfilled and manifested in your own lifetime. Doing so with steady unwavering commitment is the definition of Empowerment! What would you like to accomplish this year? What project is worthy of your commitment?

Everyone is welcome. Please come and join us.

February 10th 2019

TITLE:   “”

Everyone is welcome. Please come and join us.

January 20th 2019

SPEAKER: George Griffin
TITLE:   “A New Year … A New Congress”
DESCRIPTION:   In a momentous shift in power in January, 2019, the Democrats will become the dominant party in the House of Representatives. In an era already stained by internecine partisan enmity, this change will serve to open or re-open numerous areas of conflict within the federal government. We have invited George Griffin, the president of the Volusia / Flagler chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union to share his insights on what we might expect to see from the Congress in the first few months after the change and in the final two years of President Trump’s presidency. Every opinion is welcome. Please come and share yours.