JANUARY 14 2018
Service Begins at 10:00 AM


SPEAKER:   Michael Nunn
WORSHIP LEADER:   Cary Ragsdale

Our speaker this morning, Michael Nunn, has many years of professional experience dealing with youthful sex offenders, including being a foster parent to some of them. He will be speaking on the topic of the sex offender registry and how the registry has failed in three important areas. The first of these is that the existence of the sex offender registry implies that only recidivist sex offenders present a danger to society, while the registry does not list released murderers or those who have committed violent assault. His second concern is that the sex offender registry includes many individuals whose alleged crimes are not, clinically, sex crimes at all. Finally, the registry does nothing to address the unique challenges of incest sex crimes. Many times families will not report incest because they do not want to subject offending family members to the damage of a lifetime on the sex offender registry.

Please come and share your thoughts on this very important topic. All are welcome. Coffee is available from 9:30 AM. Our service begins at 10:00 AM on Sunday morning.