October 7, 2018

TITLE:   “Helping the Addicted”
SPEAKER:   Reverend Mark Spivey
WORSHIP LEADER:   Cary Ragsdale

DESCRIPTION:   The opioid crisis rages throughout the land, across all economic and ethnic boundaries, causing incredible damage and ruined lives. Those who are not inclined towards addictive behavior themselves struggle to understand what could drive a person towards such self-destructive actions. For those who allow compassion and empathy to guide their lives, the struggle is to identify meaningful ways to help the addicted, whether loved ones or strangers, to break free of the crippling bonds of opioid addiction. Reverend Spivey, a long-time Mosaican favorite, will offer some of the insights that he has developed over years of professional counseling practice to provide us with greater understanding of this national scourge and what we might be able to do to help.