MARCH 11 2018
Service Begins at 10:00 AM


SPEAKER:   Sarah Mahler

This presentation constitutes a continuation of the theme from the previous week. The speaker will continue the exploration of how Unitarian Universalism stands out from other religions by examining the etymology, that is, the origin and changes in meanings, of words and expressions over time (and the philosophies behind them) that we might be using uncritically but which call for a more critical eye.  The speaker will explain why she dislikes being “tolerant.” She will also suggest that  “tolerance” should be reconsidered in favor of alternative words/philosophies/strategies that better reflect our UU values as people occupying gray zones.  By so doing, the speaker will assert, Unitarian Universalists can occupy the gray zones more mindfully and thus more powerfully. 

Our service begins at 10:00 AM. All are welcome. Come early and have coffee with Judy and Tony