April 18, 2018

It is an honor and a delight to preside over Mosaic’s 12th “Earth Day Birthday”! Mosaic has been transforming lives through compassion, service, generosity, and respectful relationships for 12 years now, and we celebrate proudly and with deep gratitude for all the blessings that have come our way in that time.  Our new home looks better every day, especially with the gorgeous “stained glass” mural coming into being on our front windows.  The mural celebrates life, nature, beauty, and all of the world’s diverse spiritual paths.  It also celebrates the lives of three of Mosaic’s “founding mothers,” Gloria Park, Miriam Withers and Mary Smithwick. I hope you’ll join us on Sunday — it’s going to be an amazing day!


March 2, 2018

It’s been a busy and exciting year at Mosaic, and it’s only March! Our new home is starting to come together. A beautiful new pulpit is under construction and will add a nice “churchy” touch to our worship space when complete.  We have already enjoyed many thought-provoking and inspiring Sunday services this year, and we have more to come. Plans are in the works to offer a “Pathway to Mosaic Membership” class very soon, and we’re working on some social justice activities to take place in our new space.  I envision our new home at Justin Square as more than just a place to meet on Sundays.  I hope we will hold meetings, social gatherings, covenant groups, and community events here, and become an ever more vibrant and visible asset to West Volusia.  What do YOU want to do, or see, or experience in our new space? Let’s talk about it!