Service Begins at 10:00 AM


SPEAKER:   Cary Ragsdale

In order for our social order to be successful, we must be able to expect both our public and private lives to be characterized by moral conduct. But that is not possible for many of us in America today for we live in uncertain times. These are times in which moral clarity is often absent from the public stage. Moral leadership seems to have disappeared from the national discourse, and each of us is left to our own devices to find those moral anchors that mark our behavior as humane, decent, and ethical, regardless of what moral turbulence may be roiling the environment around us. While there are many credible sources to hold forth the essence of moral conduct, for the Unitarian Universalist, that source is frequently the seven principles of moral conduct. The speaker this morning will review the seven principles and provide specific examples of how these principles might be applied to counter the negative effects of the lack of moral leadership at the highest levels.

Our service begins at 10:00 AM. All are welcome. Come early and have coffee with Judy and Tony


JANUARY 28 2018
Service Begins at 10:00 AM


SPEAKER:   Donya Maria Twyman
WORSHIP LEADER:   Judy Raymond

The message of January 28 is about attaining peace through our shared faith and commitment to the first UU principle, affirmation of “the apparent worth and dignity of every person.”  The freedom to seek that which cannot be seen and accept it In the Spirit…is faith.  Faith gives us the freedom to embrace one’s destiny and purpose in life with courage, including the right to a peaceful existence.  While giving something to the universe is as simple as a silent meditation into a body of universal purpose, we heal, strengthen, and receive peace In the Spirit to venture forward each new day, into the unknown, the inherent right of every human being.
Please come and share your thoughts on this very important topic. All are welcome. Coffee and personal validation are both available from 9:30 AM. Our service begins at 10:00 AM on Sunday morning. All are welcome.


JANUARY 21 2018
Service Begins at 10:00 AM


SPEAKER:   Cynthia Fisher

Cynthia Fisher, LCSW returns to continue our exploration of how to best support our transgender friends and neighbors. Previously we examined how messages, both spoken and unspoken, from “The Church” impact the lives and mental health of our transgender neighbors. Part 2 will explore tangible risks and vulnerabilities experienced by this population and will take a closer look at ways we can intervene for positive change.

Our service begins at 10:00 AM on Sunday morning. Coffee and personal validation are available from 9:30 AM.


JANUARY 14 2018
Service Begins at 10:00 AM


SPEAKER:   Michael Nunn
WORSHIP LEADER:   Cary Ragsdale

Our speaker this morning, Michael Nunn, has many years of professional experience dealing with youthful sex offenders, including being a foster parent to some of them. He will be speaking on the topic of the sex offender registry and how the registry has failed in three important areas. The first of these is that the existence of the sex offender registry implies that only recidivist sex offenders present a danger to society, while the registry does not list released murderers or those who have committed violent assault. His second concern is that the sex offender registry includes many individuals whose alleged crimes are not, clinically, sex crimes at all. Finally, the registry does nothing to address the unique challenges of incest sex crimes. Many times families will not report incest because they do not want to subject offending family members to the damage of a lifetime on the sex offender registry.

Please come and share your thoughts on this very important topic. All are welcome. Coffee is available from 9:30 AM. Our service begins at 10:00 AM on Sunday morning.


JANUARY 7 2018
Service Begins at 10:00 AM


SPEAKER:   Dr. Donald Musser
WORSHIP LEADER:   Judy Raymond

Truth, a frustrating and elusive commodity in these vitriolic and partisan times. We all claim to value the truth, but we all see through different eyes. And we all have different context filters.

A major newspaper editor recently wrote an Op. Ed. in the NY Times claiming that good journalists double-check the “facts” before reporting the “truth.”  We are indebted to these careful writers who report “real news.”  But, in fact, all “facts” are filtered through human thought processes that are subject to error and unintended bias.  This talk will claim that the best we can do is claim “mellow certainty.”  Truths change.  We must be open to “alternative” truths based on personal experience, new data, and developing contexts.  “Time has a way of changing everything; truth has a way of changing all the time” (Waylon Jennings).

Dr. Musser, a Mosaican favorite of long standing, will share his perspectives. Come share your truth and your presence. All are welcome. Even if your truths are a little different.

Our service begins at 10:00 AM on Sunday morning.