June 23, 2019

The summer sharing series continues. Topics are presented in a “round table” discussion format. Speaking is voluntary. Deep listening is just as welcome.

“Welcoming the Disenchanted”

Facilitator:  Cary Ragsdale
Many of us embrace passions and causes earlier in our lives only to see them decline in importance or urgency for us with the passage of time. Spiritual beliefs, for a growing number of people, constitute one such example of firmly-held convictions that may lose their appeal as we grow older and, perhaps, more cynical. However, it is perhaps unreasonable to expect our spiritual beliefs to remain static over time. Should we welcome growth and change in the spiritual realm as well as all other aspects of our lives?
Some questions to consider:
  1. How can we recognize the spiritually disenchanted when they enter our sanctuary?
  2. How can we welcome spiritual change and growth into our own lives without becoming disenchanted?
  3. How can we encourage others to view that spiritual disenchantment as a personal opportunity rather than a failure? 
  4. How can spiritual disenchantment become an opportunity for Mosaic?
  5. How can we discourage the growth of spiritual disenchantment in ourselves as well as others?

Please join us. Everyone is welcome!

June 30, 2019

“Emptiness is Oneness”

Sensei Morris Sekiyo Sullivan


One Sunday of each month during the summer we offer our “normal” worship service format. This month we welcome Sensei Morris Sullivan, a Buddhist monk of the Volusia Buddhist Fellowship and a favorite guest of Mosaic. 

Sensei Sullivan writes, “A Tibetan Lama once said of the Buddhist concept of Emptiness that “if you try to understand it with your intellect, your head will probably explode.” Yet the concept of Emptiness and the related concept of Oneness are integral to the understanding of Buddhism. Understanding these ideas can also help non-Buddhists define their own spiritual paths and deepen their relationships to the world they live in.”