September 29, 2019

“Joyful Noise”: A Music Service and Hymnal Drive

Service Leader:  Kay Gonzales

In this service, the emphasis will be on music! Enjoy solo performances, ensembles and sing-along hymns, all rendered with customary Mosaic ROBUSTITUDE. Our hope for this service is to raise enough money to purchase ten new hymnals for the church. Please bring your most generous offering and lift your voice with us!

Please join us. Everyone is welcome!

October 6, 2019

“Water Communion”


In this traditional Mosaican-led ingathering service, we invite you to bring a bit of water from wherever you have traveled over the summer or the past year, and share a brief story of your adventures. We pour the water into a communal vessel to represent our connection to each other and to all the places, people, and experiences that have touched us. We invite you to make this your day to start “settling in for the winter” as the craziness of summer fades into memory.

Welcome home!