We are a Virtual Church.

Services are held online via Zoom. To enjoy the full experience, be sure to join us in Zoom (on your computer or by phone) at 11:00 on Sunday mornings. Feel free to email us for the Zoom link and password for our Sunday Services!

Traversing the Darkness

We all, at times in life, traverse the darkness. Join Minister Teresa Leary as she shares a geeky perception of her path through this battle. From goblins to dragons, come along on this warrior’s odyssey back to the light. Worship leader, Tracy Lunquist, will guide … read more.

Rise Like a Phoenix

For those in the LGBTQIA + community, Pride Fest celebrations—held in many communities in September and October—are about emergence; taking the bold step to live openly and publicly as who they are. For many of us, life after the pandemic is learning to emerge in … read more.

A Cornerstone of Brick

Sixty-three years after the riot at Stonewall Inn that catapulted LGBTQIA+ rights into social consciousness, the conversations around queer identity are alive and well. What does it mean to be a part of the community today? When should we fight fitting in? Join Deanna Leary … read more.

Building a Beloved Community

What does it mean to be in Beloved Community? How can we, as both individual Unitarian Universalists and part of the wider UU world, work to build Beloved Community? Not just in our congregations, but also in the wider world. Worship leader, Jan Holloway, will … read more.

Ace in an Allo World 

Asexual Awareness Week, or Ace Week, begins October 23rd of this year. Join Seminary student Helen Scott this Sunday as she explores asexuality, part of the “A” spectrum in LGBTQIA – what it means, what it doesn’t mean, and the challenges Aces face in our … read more.

Feeding the Hungry Ghosts

It’s Halloween, and the ghosts of our ancestors walk the earth. Sensei Morris Doshin Sullivan will share with us a Buddhist ceremony, Feeding the Hungry Ghosts, which purports to help even the most hopeless spirits progress toward spiritual peace. Worship leader, Judy Raymond, will guide … read more.

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