October 22 2017 – Animal Rights or Human Wrongs?

This morning Dr. Tucker will be offering some perspectives on the incredibly diverse set of relationships we have cultivated with animals throughout our history. Since the dawn of time, we have killed animals for food to support our own survival. We have also tortured and slaughtered them in product testing facilities to evaluate the safety of those products for our own convenience. We have ripped off their skins and used them to keep ourselves warm. We have put them to back-breaking labor as draft animals. We have killed them in huge numbers in the farce called trophy hunting, cut off their heads and mounted them on our walls. We have proclaimed our amazement at their beauty and diversity. And we have taken them into our lives, loved them, and called them pets. But …

We are animals, too. And we occupy the same planet as the rest of the animals. We are simply the animals with the guns. What moral conduct, if any, what care and consideration, if any at all, do we owe the animals without the guns? Let’s explore these ideas together for we are all part of the interdependent web of existence. Bring your ideas. Bring your passions. Bring yourself. All are welcome. Our service begins at 10:00 AM.

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