Change: Summer Sharing Series

This Sunday we will continue our roundtable-style services by re-examining our perceptions of Change

These services are designed to allow participants to share their thoughts if they choose to do so. Sharing is always voluntary; active listening is welcome too. While you are speaking, all others are asked to remain silent and listen carefully and completely. In part one of the discussion we do not permit cross-talk, reactions, or questions except to ask someone to repeat or clarify. Facilitator, Nova, will guide us through our discussion.

Subject For This Sunday:


John Maxwell wrote that “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” Indeed, change is an inevitability that we each face during our lives. When we demonstrate new behaviors growth is possible.

Discussion Question:

1. What changes affect you or those around you the most?

2. Do you think change is necessary for self-growth and societal growth?

3. Do you think change gets easier as you experience it more? Does this differ from person to person?

4. Is the world changing faster than it was before? What can we do to keep up? Do you think it’s possible to slow this process down?

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