Gratitude: Summer Sharing Series

This Sunday we will continue our roundtable-style services by re-examining our perceptions of Gratitude

These services are designed to allow participants to share their thoughts if they choose to do so. Sharing is always voluntary; active listening is welcome too. While you are speaking, all others are asked to remain silent and listen carefully and completely. In part one of the discussion we do not permit cross-talk, reactions, or questions except to ask someone to repeat or clarify. Facilitator, Wilfred Parsons, will guide us through our discussion.

Subject For This Sunday:


When we are thankful we are consciously experiencing the emotion of Gratitude. What does gratitude look like for you?

  1. When you are down in the dumps, What do you do to focus on the positive aspects of your life?
  2. Are there techniques you have used to feel like the glass is half full?
  3. What are some benefits of being in a state of gratitude?
  4. Are there people who have helped you and you regret that you never expressed your gratitude?
  5. Have you experienced something very negative that you would never want to happen again, but in hindsight, you now know that there was something positive that came out of it?

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