Pathway to Membership Part 1

In our last two services of the summer season, we will offer our “Pathway” class as a two-part series of Sunday services. In Part I, we present a brief history of Unitarianism and Universalism and how they merged to become a single denomination, how Mosaic UUC came to be, and an overview of how the UUA and Mosaic are led and governed. 

Reflection Questions For This Sunday: Additionally, we take some time in this class to learn about each participant’s spiritual background. 

  • Did you grow up in a church?
  • What were your early thoughts and feelings about religion or spirituality?
  • What impact has your spiritual history had on you?

The purpose of sharing this information is to help prospective Mosaic members understand what they’re getting themselves into and to provide a review and a fellowship opportunity for current members as well as curious passersby. We hope everyone will join and participate in the two Pathway Sundays. As always, everyone is welcome, and there is never any pressure on anyone to become a member of Mosaic! Please note that this service has a good deal of content and may run somewhat longer than our usual hour. We will do our best to stay focused and will understand if you need to leave before the service is over. Reverend Tracy Lunquist will be our facilitator.

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