Pathway to Membership Part 2

This Sunday we’ll conclude our pathway to membership with a discussion amongst participants. It will be conducted in a small group ministry style as have most of our summer Sundays.  It is very important for as many of us as possible to participate in this service, even if you are full-fledged members. Your participation has always enriched Part II of this course. Worship Leader, Judy Raymond, will guide us through our service.

Reflection Questions For This Sunday: The following are some questions to ponder before we gather.

  • Why bother with a spiritual community in the first place?
  • What path am I on and why do I follow it?  What’s it do for me?
  • What’s Mosaic been doing for me during the time I’ve attended?  Have I  learned anything about myself during my association with Mosaic or UU in general?  Have I changed at all since being a member or friend of Mosaic?
  • What talents of mine might be of benefit to Mosaic?  How much time can I spend on church activities?
  • Elevator Speech: If you had a chance to tell someone about Mosaic or Unitarian Universalism while riding an elevator with that person for about 2-3 mins., what would you say?

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