Re-examining Love: Article II Study ReportRe-examining

This Sunday we will continue our roundtable-style services by re-examining our perceptions of Love

These services are designed to allow participants to share their thoughts if they choose to do so. Sharing is always voluntary; active listening is welcome too. While you are speaking, all others are asked to remain silent and listen carefully and completely. In part one of the discussion we do not permit cross-talk, reactions, or questions except to ask someone to repeat or clarify. Facilitator, Teresa Leary, will guide us through our discussion.

Subject For This Sunday: Love is the power that holds us together and is at the center of our shared values. We are accountable to one another for doing the work of living our shared values through the spiritual discipline of Love.

  1. How has your perception of “love” and/ or “liberating love” changed or grown after Mosaic’s 2023 Summer Sharing Series?
  2. Do you think that love is at the center of everything a Unitarian Universalist does?
  3. According to the UUA, “…we must continuously examine our Principles and Purposes to see what is missing, what is no longer important, and whether the language communicates our core values to the current times.” Do you believe that the current language adopted in 1984 accurately reflects modernity?

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