Transformation: Article II Study Report

This Sunday we will continue our roundtable-style services with Transformation. This summer we are exploring the subjects of the Unitarian Universalists Article II Study Report. 

These services are designed to allow participants to share their thoughts if they choose to do so. Sharing is always voluntary; active listening is welcome too. While you are speaking, all others are asked to remain silent and listen carefully and completely. In part one of the discussion we do not permit cross-talk, reactions, or questions except to ask someone to repeat or clarify. Facilitator, Judy Raymond, will guide us through our discussion.

Subject For This Sunday:

Transformation. We adapt to the changing world. We covenant to collectively transform and grow spiritually and ethically. Openness to change is fundamental to our Unitarian and Universalist

heritages, never complete and never perfect.

The following questions need not be answered in order but may serve
as a guide to your response to the topic, “Transformation.”

-Do you perceive a difference between “transformation” and “change?”
If so, what is the difference?

-Have you ever experienced “transformation” in your life? Have you
-ever felt “transformed?”

-Have you witnessed “transformation” in any other people you know?
Mosaic’s mission statement is that this congregation seeks to
“transform lives through compassion, service, generosity, and respectful
relationships.” Do you think this mission statement is working for you?

-Have compassion, service, generosity, and respectful relationships
helped you to transform into a better or perhaps more authentic
version of yourself? Are you behaving any differently than you did
before your association with Mosaic? If so, how so?

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