Unitarian Universalism has a long and proud history of engaging in social justice initiatives. Mosaic Unitarian Universalist Congregation is pleased to continue that time-honored tradition. Our members and friends have participated through the years in public protest and support demonstrations that have advocated for the Occupy movement, the rights of registered citizens (sex offenders), restoration of civil rights for released ex-felons, recognition of the rights of the homeless and against the systemic police harassment suffered by the homeless in so many communities, the rights of immigrants and other farm workers, animal rights, and recognition of the fundamental rights of LBGQT persons, and more.

Mosaic is a progressive, liberal church that seeks active involvement in many of the communities of central Florida that need our support. In addition to protest and advocacy demonstrations, Mosaic has participated in mentoring programs for local students, and we have collected and contributed school supplies for local children in need. Our members have collected non-perishable foods for food-vulnerable families and delivered the supplies to distribution points. For many years, Mosaic has contributed all unpledged donations from the last Sunday of the month to local food pantries that distribute the food to those facing food adversity.

In the image above, a member of Mosaic is participating in a public protest in Daytona Beach against both recent and systemic mistreatment of the homeless by law enforcement officers in Daytona Beach and throughout Volusia County. The precipitating incident in this specific case was the arrival of Hurricane Irma. Volusia County had set up hurricane shelter facilities throughout the county. However, homeless people were prohibited by uniformed law enforcement officers from entering the shelters designated for the general population and instead were sent to segregated facilities. This action by local government was in violation of the 14th amendment to the US Constitution, which clearly requires equal treatment under the law. Mosaic members work actively with representatives of the Florida American Civil Liberties Union to identify injustices and seek remedies.