Speaker: Cary Ragsdale

The World is an Illusion?

Perhaps you have heard or read that this world is an illusion. Do you agree? Has anyone ever really explained this cryptic statement? Dr. Don Zanghi, a Doctor of Metaphysics, explained the idea, examining the three states of human consciousness.

Helping Your Loved Ones Through Your Last Chapter

Mosaican Cary Ragsdale explores how we can achieve a “good death”, at the end of a “good life”, by finding joy and peace in how we live the twilight years of our lives, and sharing that joy and peace with our friends and family.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioJnEz4UPOI&list=PL9yRRP9bx6ydd5GhC92Qv8JxS6Ezb4cGl”>”Helping Your … read more.