Speaker: Janice Holloway

The Quest for Truth is Our Sacrament

The second line of our Affirmation Statement is another statement that could serve as a motto for our congregations—and its words are one of the things that we are known for to other churches. But it is also a statement that comes with its own host of questions: is it the quest for truth, or the quest of truth? What does it mean that this is our “sacrament”? What … read more.

Seeds for the New Year

Mosaic will enjoy a small group ministry-style service.  The topic of the morning is “Seeds for the New Year” and is offered by the UUA’s Worship Web.  Suggested for your consideration are the following food-for-thought questions:

What seeds are you planting for the new year?

How are … read more.

“Teach Us To Pray”

What if the posture with which we pray is as important as the words or tradition in which we pray? At the intersection of Judaism, Mysticism, and an emerging Christian practice, the disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray. What might we learn from the request, … read more.