Speaker: Matthew Pargeter-Villarreal

And Service is Its Prayer

If you have been regularly attending a UU church, you know that social justice is something in which UU congregations actively engage. But what does it truly mean for us to make service a prayer? Is there a deeper meaning there? And more importantly, how are we changed if that is true? Join Rev. Matt as we continue exploring our Affirmation Statement for a discussion … Continue reading And Service is Its Prayer

The Quest for Truth is Our Sacrament

The second line of our Affirmation Statement is another statement that could serve as a motto for our congregations—and its words are one of the things that we are known for to other churches. But it is also a statement that comes with its own host of questions: is it the quest for truth, or the quest of truth? What does it mean that this is our “sacrament”? What does this look like for us as UUs? Join Rev. Matt for a continuing discussion … Continue reading The Quest for Truth is Our Sacrament

Always Flowers: A Century of the Flower Communion

Join us for the history of and celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Flower Communion ritual, which is being celebrated this year in UU congregations around the world. Please bring flowers with you to this virtual service–either purchased or from your own garden–to contribute to the ritual. Worship Leader, Judy Raymond, will guide us through … Continue reading Always Flowers: A Century of the Flower Communion

Seekers in the Story of the World

Join Matthew Pargeter-Villarreal for a discussion about the journeys that we take on the road to finding our own personal spirituality, and how often times it is the journeys that we embark upon that are more important than wherever we may arrive. Worship leader, Jan Holloway, will guide us through our service.