Speaker: Sarah Mahler


Judy Raymond will take the congregation on a little trip down Memory Lane as she winds through her journey to Unitarian Universalism and to the Mosaic UU Congregation.  She will explain what she finds most gratifying about being a Unitarian Universalist in general and in … read more.


Join Ben Collins as he explores the layers of the relationship between depression and spirituality, or we might say between depression and the quest for meaning. Far from simple, we will explore the ways depression is contextual, intersectional, and partial. Ultimately we will emerge with … read more.


This Sunday we will continue our roundtable-style services with the topic of Awe. Behind everything is an unseen force that is deeply mysterious.

This summer we are exploring The Journey Inward. Exploring the integration of mind, body, and spirit. These services are … read more.


In this service, two of our members shared personal transitions, and our resident anthropologist suggested cultural tools for helping us move across life’s stages and weather its storms. The service also included an informative presentation on the current racial challenges and social justice issues facing … read more.