Speaker: Tracie Barrett

Letting Go

At the start of a new year, before we look forward, it’s important to look at what we might need to set down first. Join Rev Tracie Barrett this Sunday as she helps us welcome in 2023. Please bring a palm-sized rock with you to … read more.

Building a Beloved Community

What does it mean to be in Beloved Community? How can we, as both individual Unitarian Universalists and part of the wider UU world, work to build Beloved Community? Not just in our congregations, but also in the wider world. Worship leader, Jan Holloway, will … read more.

Tools for the Journey

The journey towards building Beloved Community is a long one. And if we are to do the work we are called to do, we need tools for it. Rev. Tracie explores the “tools” we Unitarian Universalists need to carry with us and use in our … read more.