Tracy L

I’ve been part of the Mosaic community since 2011. In that time I have met many amazing people whose diverse backgrounds and perspectives have expanded my mind and my heart. I appreciate Mosaic’s inclusivity, its thoughtful approach to spirituality, its willingness to reclaim “God language” fearlessly and broadly while steering well clear of common “Christian” themes of shame, guilt, and conformity to arbitrary rules. Mosaic welcomes me as a Pagan, and has welcomed Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Atheists, and every other sort of believer and nonbeliever you could name. No one has ever questioned my worth or my dignity. No one thinks I need to change in any way unless I want to. And in the ways I want to change, I feel deeply seen and supported in my journey and growth. Mosaic is my beloved community, and in it, I feel beloved.

Kim E

As an adult, I never really felt at home when I visited a new church. I about gave up looking for a spiritual home when I was invited to hear a friend present at Mosaic. The service was interesting and engaging. Afterwards, everyone was welcoming and kind. They invited me to come back, so I returned the following Sunday to another service with a different presenter and I enjoyed that as well. There was no pressure to interact or volunteer. Just friendly down-to-earth people. Now, I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. I’m grateful for the friends I’ve made and the support of an encouraging and supportive community. Come to a service and check us out. You’ll be glad you did.

Toph E

What I like about Mosaic is the wide variety of people and mind sets. It allows for some deep conversations, as well as many learning opportunities to expand one’s own mind and one’s ability to talk cordially with people who have different opinions/thoughts. The reason I keep coming back to Mosaic is my love for the congregation and the wide variety of activities we do. The congregation has become another family for me, who welcome me and let me learn and grow myself for who I am. The different activities we do, like going out to eat and just talking about anything and everything has been such a great thing for me. And the group we have that plays D&D together  allows us to interact and think in ways our normal lives don’t typically let us do.

Shannon D

Fifteen years ago when I was widowed, I began to search for a spiritual community with which I could share my journey at this stage of life.  At that time some friends were in the process of ‘birthing’ Mosaic, and I was ready to embrace the basic principles of Unitarian Universalism. For me deeds have always spoken louder than creeds, and I believe there are many pathways for finding meaning in life and discovering the divine spark in each person.  Mosaic embraces diversity, inclusiveness, open inquiry, and compassion towards others which are values that I hold dear.  That is why I find true belonging in Mosaic’s beloved community.

Judy R

Mosaic UU Congregation calls me to be my best self; feels like a breath of fresh air; and is the congregation I attend on Sundays to get my batteries recharged. Acknowledging that we are all on our own spiritual journeys, we gather to explore and examine our own spiritual paths and learn about the paths of others. Many different spiritual perspectives can be found at Mosaic. Looking at the root of the word “worship” –“wor”=”worth” and “ship”= “shape,” Mosaicans come together to “shape what is worthy among us.”   We do this with love, compassion, and respect.

Angela J. (Angy) P

When Don Musser sent me a link to Mosaic UUC indicating he would be speaking, I jumped at the chance. I had been to two UUs prior. Shortly after college, I began searching for a new, more liberal approach to religion. Having been fed up with indoctrination, exclusion and the inability to think, I had asked Don Musser for suggestions. I visited online a few times more, and fell in love with the people, the quotes in the service, the introductory song. I was engaged by the members. I felt at home once again. I began attending online every Sunday. I even invited a friend. I was engaged even more, and asked to participate. I felt comfortable sharing. And speaking. Then I decided to join. The best day and decision of my life.

Teresa L

Unitarian Universalism is a liberal all-inclusive religion that allows us to work together to promote equity, justice, peace, and liberty. We share no creed but rather support one another’s personal spiritual or religious journeys. Dipping into both eastern and western belief systems. Although each of our religious or spiritual paths may differ, we nevertheless journey together, supporting one another along the way. I am deeply grateful that my spiritual journey led me to Mosaic’s doors. To become engulfed in the love and acceptance of this wonderful community.