Topic: Advent

Joy Like a Fountain

On this fourth Sunday of Advent and the day before Christmas, our service will celebrate the quality of Joy. Tracy Lunquist will draw from spirituality and psychology to explore the idea of Joy — how we define it and how it refuses to be defined, where we look for it, where we will never find … Continue reading Joy Like a Fountain


In those times when loss cuts deep and faith is challenged hope seems unknowable. However, in those patches of time in life where nothing but darkness abounds, hope resides. For, no matter how deeply one is in the dark, a single candle can light the way. Join Minister Teresa Leary as she explores hope from … Continue reading Hope

Advent, You Say?

In all of the crazy chaos of the holiday season, many people forget that after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, there is a season that is observed in the Christian calendar called Advent–whose name comes from the Latin word for “coming.” Join Matt Pargeter-Villarreal for a discussion on the history and meaning of Advent–and what it has … Continue reading Advent, You Say?