Topic: Human Consciousness

Schrödingers Cancer

Without a doubt, life would be quite dull if it was only filled with a chain of daily monotonous responsibilities. This is why unexpected surprises offer the opportunity for growth and the expansion of one’s perception. But just how does a person get through those surprises that aren’t filled with rainbows and puppies? Join Minister … Continue reading Schrödingers Cancer

Facing your shadows

This Sunday, Deanna Leary dives into the topic of Shadow Work: a practice that’s taken both pagan circles and psychology circles by storm. She explains both the Jungian and spiritual lens, and invites us to accept the aspects of ourselves that we usually banish in our shade.

The World is an Illusion?

Perhaps you have heard or read that this world is an illusion. Do you agree? Has anyone ever really explained this cryptic statement? Dr. Don Zanghi, a Doctor of Metaphysics, explained the idea, examining the three states of human consciousness.