Topic: Love

Schrödingers Cancer

Without a doubt, life would be quite dull if it was only filled with a chain of daily monotonous responsibilities. This is why unexpected surprises offer the opportunity for growth and the expansion of one’s perception. But just how does a person get through those surprises that aren’t filled with rainbows and puppies? Join Minister … Continue reading Schrödingers Cancer

Love Will Guide Us

Dr. Cornel West says that “justice is what love looks like in public.” As Unitarian Universalists, we are committed to creating a world community with peace, justice, and liberty for all. To do that, we need to be rooted in love. Rev. Tracie explores how the upcoming Article 2 changes answer that.

Facing your shadows

This Sunday, Deanna Leary dives into the topic of Shadow Work: a practice that’s taken both pagan circles and psychology circles by storm. She explains both the Jungian and spiritual lens, and invites us to accept the aspects of ourselves that we usually banish in our shade.

Finding Thankfulness

We all have times in our lives when it seems like there is nothing but evil in this world. We’ve all been there. Join Jess Delrie as she shares the ways she has found thankfulness, even amongst the darkness. Worship Leader, Teresa Leary, will guide us through our service.

Why Aren’t “They” Telling Us How to Be Healthy After a Pandemic?

Be introduced to new ways and reminded of what we know regarding health in this different world. When we are healthy, we can do more for eachother and our community. There will be easy tips you can share with family, friends, and in outreach programs. Foods, supplements, herbals, homeopathic, movement, thought patterns, and alternative methods … Continue reading Why Aren’t “They” Telling Us How to Be Healthy After a Pandemic?