Topic: Mosaic UUC

Schrödingers Cancer

Without a doubt, life would be quite dull if it was only filled with a chain of daily monotonous responsibilities. This is why unexpected surprises offer the opportunity for growth and the expansion of one’s perception. But just how does a person get through those surprises that aren’t filled with rainbows and puppies? Join Minister … Continue reading Schrödingers Cancer

And Service is Its Prayer

If you have been regularly attending a UU church, you know that social justice is something in which UU congregations actively engage. But what does it truly mean for us to make service a prayer? Is there a deeper meaning there? And more importantly, how are we changed if that is true? Join Rev. Matt as we continue exploring our Affirmation Statement for a discussion … Continue reading And Service is Its Prayer

Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Join us as Dr. Rajni Shankar-Brown illuminates the life of pioneering and legendary Black musician and activist Sister Rosetta Tharpe.  Learn how a talented, visionary, young girl born in 1915 in Cotton Plant, Arkansas, became a groundbreaking recording artist, singer, songwriter, and guitarist who popularized Black gospel music and revolutionized rock ‘n’ roll.  Although sidelined from … Continue reading Sister Rosetta Tharpe

When you know, you doubt

In a world where we have constant access to a seemingly infinite number of voices, how are we able to hear our own? And when we hear that intuitive voice in our head, how are we sure that’s what we’re hearing? This Sunday, Deanna Leary leads us into the world of intuition, doubt, and the … Continue reading When you know, you doubt

Generosity and Hope

In Unitarian Universalism, generosity and hope go hand in hand. In this service, Rev. Tracie tells us not only how they do, but how we can cultivate them both in our lives. Worship leader, Jne Bradford, will guide us through our service.

Easter Sunday Small Group Ministry Style Service

This is Easter Sunday. For most UUs, Easter is not celebrated in the same way as it is for Christians. How do you celebrate Easter now? How is it different from the way you celebrated it as a child? Wendel Berry, the beloved poet, advises us “to practice resurrection.” What might he mean by that?

Palms for the Soul

Join Jess Delrie, inspirational speaker and coach, for a Sunday message to encourage you as we near Easter Sunday. We will look into the history of Palm Sunday, and what it means for us today, both Christian and not alike.