Topic: Paganism

Samhain Traditions

Join Rev Teresa Leary as she takes you on a unique journey through the eyes of a solitary practitioner’s revelations about and rituals developed for Samhain.


Join Minister Teresa Leary as she shares her exploration of the mythology and history of the deity Mabon as well as a few of the reasons and ways modern pagans celebrate the harvest Sabbat.

Moon Magic

Throughout time in various cultures the moon has been associated with deities in various pantheons. Join Minister Teresa Leary as she delves into pantheons’ past and modern pagan practices, honoring the cyclical pattern of the moon.

The Many Faces of the Horned One

The Goddess is spoken about freely in Paganism. The God, however, is sometimes spoken about in hushed tones. Join Minister Teresa Leary this Sunday as she lifts the veil associated with the horned one. Through an exploration of horned deities throughout pantheons across time. Worship leader, Judy Raymond, will guide us through our service.