Topic: Social Justice

Urban Ecology

From the County Council to the Wildlife Corridor, Dr. Wendy Anderson has shared her message about Urban Ecology. This week Dr. Anderson will share her vision of creating spaces and landscapes to support as much biodiversity as we can within our urban boundaries. Rather than saying, “We live here in cities, and nature is over there in some nature … Continue reading Urban Ecology

Overcoming Barriers to Truth in Social Justice and Equity Endeavors

A basic teaching in spiritual and religious systems, truth also plays a pivotal role in our social justice endeavors. Two modern developments—attachment to identity and adversarial framework of human relationship (Hobbesianism)—have done much to create barriers that make our access to truth difficult. The difficulty can be as much internal as it is external. Guidance … Continue reading Overcoming Barriers to Truth in Social Justice and Equity Endeavors

Trans Divinity

As anti-Trans rhetoric grows throughout the US, rooted in violent theologies of white nationalism, let’s spend time reminding ourselves and the world of the ways that Trans existence, is at its very core, divine. Worship leader, Judy Raymond, will guide us through our service.

A Cornerstone of Brick

Sixty-three years after the riot at Stonewall Inn that catapulted LGBTQIA+ rights into social consciousness, the conversations around queer identity are alive and well. What does it mean to be a part of the community today? When should we fight fitting in? Join Deanna Leary as she sheds new light onto a flame that’s burned … Continue reading A Cornerstone of Brick