Topic: Sunday Service

Generosity and Hope

In Unitarian Universalism, generosity and hope go hand in hand. In this service, Rev. Tracie tells us not only how they do, but how we can cultivate them both in our lives. Worship leader, Jne Bradford, will guide us through our service.

Easter Sunday Small Group Ministry Style Service

This is Easter Sunday. For most UUs, Easter is not celebrated in the same way as it is for Christians.

How do you celebrate Easter now?

How is it different from the way you celebrated it as a child?

Wendel Berry, the beloved poet, advises us “to practice … read more.

Palms for the Soul

Join Jess Delrie, inspirational speaker and coach, for a Sunday message to encourage you as we near Easter Sunday. We will look into the history of Palm Sunday, and what it means for us today, both Christian and not alike.

The Quest for Truth is Our Sacrament

The second line of our Affirmation Statement is another statement that could serve as a motto for our congregations—and its words are one of the things that we are known for to other churches. But it is also a statement that comes with its own host of questions: is it the quest for truth, or the quest of truth? What does it mean that this is our “sacrament”? What … read more.

Which route is right?

Do all religious and spiritual paths lead to the same destination? With bits of philosophy, history, religion, and spirituality Reverend Teresa Leary explores this question in the context of Unitarian Universalism.

Intimacy with All Things

Join us this Sunday as the amazing Rev Mariela Perez-Simons takes the pulpit for a beautiful service when she will look at our experience from Isolation to Co-Regulation. And discuss reclaiming our sacred connections through animism and kinship.