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Teresa L

Unitarian Universalism is a liberal all-inclusive religion that allows us to work together to promote equity, justice, peace, and liberty. We share no creed but rather support one another’s personal spiritual or religious journeys. Dipping into both eastern and western belief systems. Although each of … read more.

Kim E

As an adult, I never really felt at home when I visited a new church. I about gave up looking for a spiritual home when I was invited to hear a friend present at Mosaic. The service was interesting and engaging. Afterwards, everyone was welcoming … read more.

Angela J. (Angy) P

When Don Musser sent me a link to Mosaic UUC indicating he would be speaking, I jumped at the chance. I had been to two UUs prior. Shortly after college, I began searching for a new, more liberal approach to religion. Having been fed up with … read more.

Tracy L

I’ve been part of the Mosaic community since 2011. In that time I have met many amazing people whose diverse backgrounds and perspectives have expanded my mind and my heart. I appreciate Mosaic’s inclusivity, its thoughtful approach to spirituality, its willingness to reclaim “God language” … read more.

Judy R

Mosaic UU Congregation calls me to be my best self; feels like a breath of fresh air; and is the congregation I attend on Sundays to get my batteries recharged.
Acknowledging that we are all on our own spiritual journeys, we gather to explore and … read more.

Toph E

What I like about Mosaic is the wide variety of people and mind sets. It allows for some deep conversations, as well as many learning opportunities to expand one’s own mind and one’s ability to talk cordially with people who have different opinions/thoughts.

The reason I … read more.

Shannon D

Fifteen years ago when I was widowed, I began to search for a spiritual community with which I could share my journey at this stage of life.  At that time some friends were in the process of ‘birthing’ Mosaic, and I was ready to embrace … read more.